Facts About Being Mom That Will Break Your Heart

Facts about being mom, along with the unconditional love you have for your baby, stirs up so many emotions. It would be pretty difficult to handle all of them without the help of hormones, which transform our brains in a certain way to help us take care of things like breastfeeding. However, it’s not an easy job at all, and there are things that can leave you really overwhelmed.

We at Cloudnewsfeed cheer for all the new moms out there and have made an article about some unexpected effects that you might encounter on your way into motherhood.

1. Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally.

Facts About Being Mom

While it seems to be one of the most natural things, many women do not meet their own expectations when it comes to breastfeeding. Facts about being mom, you can have some hard times establishing the whole process. And lack of milk is not the only problem you may run into — there are also conditions like mastitis that can bother you.

2. Caring about the way you look becomes a thing of the past.

Facts About Being Mom

Facts about being mom, it’s almost impossible to imagine that having someone’s puke on your clothes would not bother you that much. When you can’t even enjoy your morning coffee without being immediately disturbed, and let’s not even mention trying to plan more important tasks that need to be accomplished, the last thing that you will want to spend some of your priceless time on will be primping. But don’t worry — this will go back to normal as soon as your child settles. Maybe…

3. You will constantly struggle to say “no,” when others say “yes.”

Facts About Being Mom

Be prepared that you, like it or not, will be the strictest person in your child’s life. Everyone, based on their immediate emotions for this cute pie, will spoil them by letting them do whatever they want. Or, they will always remind you of the example of their friend’s mothers, who let their children do more than you do.

But it is totally your responsibility to control this, because, as specialists say: “You do your kids a terrible disservice if they go out into the world thinking it revolves around them.”

4. Others will give you an opinion about literally everything.

Facts About Being Mom

Soon you will realize that nothing will get you into a rage faster than this. Everyone: moms, cousins, in-laws, friends, and of course just strangers will never miss the chance to give you some advice. Everything can become an occasion: the way you dress your child, what you feed them, how you wipe their poop… Everything!

No one actually likes unsolicited advice, but being a mom makes it even worse, because no one understands your child’s needs better than you do. And, hey, you grew them in your belly (alone) for 9 months!

5. Facts Being Mom, You will put too much pressure on yourself.

Facts About Being Mom

Mom guilt is something that is very real and you understand this as soon as your little one arrives. You want to be perfect at every little thing, and if something doesn’t go as smooth as you’d planned, it can really make you feel depressed. However, there will good and bad days, so it would be better to not overwhelm yourself, but instead to enjoy every single moment.

6. Your marriage will change.

Facts About Being Mom

Sometimes you will hate your husband for sleeping so tenderly, while you have to wake up at 4 AM to feed your child. However, moms also say that when you see your partner being the most caring daddy for your baby, it gets you right in the feels.

It’s a totally new level of relationship when you have to raise a little person together, and it may make your marriage much stronger. Your heart will melt every time you see him cuddling the kids, even if he goes and gets them all excited when it’s time for them to go to sleep.

7. Diapers might sometimes betray you.

Facts About Being Mom

It seems so simple nowadays — you just need to put a diaper on the baby and not worry about washing cloth diapers like our grandmas used to do. However, you might be surprised to know that you could have a hard time finding out which diaper brand will suit your baby the best.

But even before that, be prepared to experience some disappointment when you dress them up in the most beautiful clothes and see that they get stained with poop or pee. And, of course, for a boy mom: always make sure to cover and organize everything properly in order to avoid a little fountain.

8. Your baby will never cease to surprise you.

Facts About Being Mom

Kids can be really unpredictable at any age. Your first surprise will probably be that such a tiny and cute creature can release gas like an old man. Their behavior will never be predictable: one day they won’t eat and sleep, and will cry like they are re-watching The Titanic over and over again, and the next day they will be the calmest angels ever.

Growing up, they become even more creative: you can leave them in one (very safe!) position and come back to find that they’ve rolled over to the edge of the bed. And their imagination to do things you would never think of is something that is really endless.

What was the most surprising thing for you as a new mom?