20 Common People`s Kindness That Will Brighten Up Your Day.. Take a Look.

No act of kindness, even a small one, is ever wasted. You never know how that kind act of yours can have a huge effect on the other person. Be it offering clothes to the needy, caring for a stray animal, or just being there for one another — it is amazing to see how compassionate and thoughtful people really are.

CloudNewsFeed is ever inspired by these people who make this world a much better place with their little, selfless acts of kindness and humanity. Here’s a compilation:

1. This brave heart protected a stray cat who went into labor during a raging typhoon.


2. A professor held his student’s 5-month-old baby girl so he could “take good notes.”


3. “ICU Grandpa” David visits hospitals in Atlanta every day to cuddle with the newborns of parents who cannot make it in there.


4. This tourist gave away his clothes to a man who needed them more than him.



5. Every Valentine’s Day, this gentleman treats the widows from various retirement/nursing homes to dinner, gifts, and a rose.


6. An Iranian teacher sits by his student, who has cancer, to catch up on each day’s lecture.



7. This “Humanit-Hair-ian” goes around to different places and gives free haircuts to the homeless.


8. This Walmart employee sat down with a woman, who passed out in the store, so she could lean on him.


9. Thousands of Reddit users sent letters and packages to Scotty, a Down’s syndrome patient, just to make him happy.


10. This police officer in China helped an elderly lady cross the street and carried her to the other side.


11. Once finding out that this family’s house burnt down, here’s how the manager presented the check to them:


12. This kid in Nara, Japan shared his umbrella with a deer in the heavy rains.


13. This girl might not remember this soldier — but he will always remember that lil’ girl who gave him a flower during the war.


14. After a hurricane, this home offered free charging outlets to anyone and everyone in need so they could contact their loved ones.


15. This kid was determined to help his teammate with cerebral palsy score a basket.


16. This Subway franchise hands out free meals to the homeless so they can sleep on a full tummy at least once a week.


17. This police officer in Toronto helped an old, sick man tie his shoelaces.


18. This mobster-turned-animal-rescuer has helped a countless number of abandoned and abused animals.


19. A random person offering a bit of kindness and water to this thirsty little otter.


20. This is a wall of kindness in Srinagar, India for anyone who needs clothing.