Amazing Places and Destinations You wanna Go On Vacation

Amazing Places and Destination Dreams

Amazing Places

Amazing Places and Destination Dream drive us back to your childhood days. Where your wild and colourful imagination takes you to the  Destinations you wanna go. Maybe you want to go somewhere far away? An Alice in a wonderland place maybe? At the simple yet beautiful countryside or an overseas journey? All of these possibilities are once in our head that played in our mind. As we grow up we tried our best to turn those dream into reality. We even start our preparations to make it happen. Ready enough to stand alone your free independent soul is now on the run.

Vacation and Destination Plan

Now, we want to make a convenient travel experience. So we make sure everything in on the process and organize. One important thing to do is to plan how and where to go? Doing so ahead of time will make easier for you to make a certain decision where to spend your vacation. Aside from this, we start to save for our travel expenses, we may get it from our daily allowance if your a student or from your monthly salary if you work already. Of course, sometimes we also consider not to travel all by ourself so we invite friends or our family for our exciting trip. Tell them and plan together for the Amazing Places and Destinations you want to go.

Places and Destination List

Amazing Places

We rest assure that our Amazing Places getaways will be as smooth and perfectly spend. Create some criteria that can be helpful and reliable for us. Choose places that Tourist friendly, communicating in people is easy for you and finally a Country that gives a lot to offer for nice destinations and Places. List it and explore these destinations and Places.

Food and Accommodation

Amazing Places
Well, of course, you don’t want to squeeze your wallets just to feed your tummy and get a nice shower after a long day of excitements. Make sure to do research where to check-in using websites that will help you to book for cheap and nice hotels along with this healthy food complimentary. Heres some Country that can offer you a nice Amazing Places and Destinations for your vacation trips with your friends or family.


Spain has lots to offer from its food, culture and scenery. It has a long history that will take you back to the time of medieval by its majestic castles, old cities and antique paintings.

Amazing Places


This huge Portuguese speaker country can give you an extraordinary adventure from its fine beaches, colourful parades and great river Amazon with vast jungle home of many living things exotic animal, birds and plants.

Amazing Places





An Island and a Continent it can give you both indoors and outdoors thing to do. Opera house in Sydney was there, koala and kangaroo are the animals you usually found there.

Amazing Places


An amazing proud archipelago in the pacific ocean are also lots to offer, world-renown white fine sand beaches are here. majestic lakes, waterfalls and rivers await you. Amazing Places