Amazing Swimsuit Runway Show Proved Limitless Beauty

Sports Illustrated has been in publication since 1954, but the magazine’s annual amazing swimsuit runway show made it famous. Just recently, this runway show was very much like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But this year, they decided to change its concept. In the show now, women who don’t fit outdated beauty standards proudly walk the runway.

At Cloud Newsfeed, we decided to look at the photos of the 2022 Sports Illustrated swimsuit runway show to understand why it was deemed “body-positive.”

What makes the Sports Illustrated amazing swimsuit runway show unique?

The 2022 show was not only body-positive but also not as traditional. Ordinary women, including physicists and construction workers, walked the runway alongside professional models.

Another unusual thing about this show was that any woman could participate. The magazine editors selected those who appeared on the runway based on the photos and videos sent by the applicants. And we decided to get to know some models who walked the runway and stood out.

Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady started her modeling career at the age of 15. However, by age 19, she moved from being a straight fashion model to a plus-size one. Because she couldn’t maintain the necessary weight and size 2, and this is precisely what the agency demanded of her.

Today, 29-year-old Hunter is Sports Illustrated’s curviest swimsuit model and says she feels great in her natural body. By the way, Hunter’s older sister, her co-host on their podcast dedicated to modeling, also participated in this year’s show.

Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders’ modeling career began at the age of 13, but she still had a lot of insecurities. “Being in the industry at a young age, you’re dealing with a lot of negativity,” 30-year-old Sanders said. “But I just tried to make a name for myself and get people to understand that my body’s beautiful as well.”

“If you see me on a bikini runway, you will see my cellulite. You’ll see stretch marks because my body fluctuates like everyone else’s. But, she continued, “I love my body and have learned to embrace every bit of change and every curve.”

Ashley Byrd

amazing swimsuit runway show

Before walking the runway, Ashley Byrd used to be a construction worker. Byrd wanted to move to a big city and try herself in modeling. But she had to save some money to fulfill her dream, and the construction company always pays well.

Byrd says she didn’t plan to work in construction for long but eventually stayed there for a few years. According to her, it even helped her modeling career because other work didn’t seem hard after many shifts in the terrible cold or scorching heat.

Byrd says that taking part in the Sports Illustrated runway show has always been her dream. But for a long time, she didn’t dare to apply, fearing refusal, as all her previous attempts to get a job in modeling ended up with a “no.” Nevertheless, she plucked up her courage and sent her video to the magazine, proving that she was eligible for the show.

Camille Kostek

amazing swimsuit runway show

Camilla Kostek began to work with Sports Illustrated in 2017. She took her first steps in the modeling industry a few years earlier. However, her career didn’t develop smoothly. The agencies kept telling her she wasn’t tall enough (she stands at 5’8″) or thin enough. But the magazine’s creators were impressed by her beauty. And since 2017, she has appeared on the magazine’s pages five times and once on its cover.

In addition to modeling, Kostek is involved in social activities. For a few years now, she has been touring American universities and colleges for her show, where she conducts talks on self-acceptance and body image.