Best Kitchen Items For Persons Who Love Being Organized

5 Best Kitchen Items For Persons Who Love Being Organized

 1. An expandable cabinet shelf for twice(!) the space to group like with like — i.e. all the white mugs can live separately from the rando initial mugs people keep giving you from the Anthro sale section.

Best Kitchen ItemsI mean, those mugs are great too! Has sturdy iron construction, expands from 15.75″ to 30″ wide, and can hold plates, bowls, cups, and other fine china.Promising review: “We bought four of these to increase shelf space in our small kitchen. They are sturdy and attractive, easy to clean, and quite functional. They are adjustable to different lengths, which turned out to be important (I measured one area wrong). One of the shelves is holding four plastic bins that contain about 6 lbs. each of dry goods when full. I would recommend these if you need a little more shelving.” —Ms JudieGet it from Amazon for $23.09 (bronze), Jet for $23.09 (bronze, gray), or Walmart for $23.49(white).

2. A mountable stemware rack that can sidle up under shelves behind closed doors or behind glass cabinet doors.Useful Kitchen Products

Best Kitchen Items

 Mounting hardware included, measures approximately 10”x11”x1.5”.

Promising review: “My talented husband installed these in my china cabinet with excellent results! By securing two matching stained oak strips to the front inside edge opening and solid back before installing wine racks, I now have easy access to wine glasses and additional room on an upper glass shelf for additional small plates, smaller wine glasses, and containers. In addition, he replaced the old 1984 standard bulb with a string of plug-in LED lights in between the two added oak strips, complete with a toggle switch on the outside to turn lights on or off as desired and that dramatically increased lighting. The end result is simply awesome!” —Dodie Hall

Get it from Amazon for $13.99 or Walmart for $13.99.

3. A pour-over filter stand so the essentials can be where you need them when you’re a 5 a.m. zombie fumbling in your kitchen

.Best Kitchen Items

Made specifically for Hario filters, but you can fit other pour-over filters in there!

Promising review: “At last, a smart filter organizer. Lovely ceramic.” —Fahad Malaikah

Get it from Amazon for $16.85.

4. A pack of Sugru, which is really just fancy talk for moldable glue you can use to make hooks, hang storage racks, and other handy cookspace tasks. Oh, and it can hold up to 2 kilograms!Best Kitchen Items

Includes 8 packs of glue that sets overnight, so you don’t have to use it all at once. Can be used indoors and out as it’s waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, durable, flexible, shock-resistant, and electrically insulating (up to 24 volts).

Promising review: “Usually these types of products have disappointed me. But Sugru lives up to its promise. I used it to install a shower curtain rod without drilling holes into the wall (the tension rods kept slipping and falling, so I wanted a more permanent solution). I made simple hooks to hang bathroom accessories. And I also fixed my Mac’s fraying power card. Awesome product, highly recommend.” —Sharmila Velamur

Get it from Amazon for $22, Jet for $20, or Walmart for $21.

5. A pull-down spice rack for double checking you’re grabbing the bottle of cumin, even though you *already know* it’s on the third row, second from the left.

Best Kitchen Items

Mounting hardware included.

Promising review: “Being vertically challenged, this is a must-have in the kitchen! The rack brackets were fairly easy to install using a step stool. It’s simple to put together and use. If you have minimal cabinet shelf space, only the shorter spice bottles will fit on the top shelf of this rack when it is put up in position (ours have 9″ between shelves). 2″ spice bottles will only fit with 5 across each shelf, leaving room on the side for smaller bottles. 1.5″ would probably have worked better, but I like the larger 6 oz. bottles for storage and larger labeling. The bottles do slide around a little when moving it, but that’s expected. I loved it so much that I bought a second one!” —JaStar

Get it from Amazon for $17.61+ (three finishes), Jet for $18.60 (white), or Walmart for $19.52(white).