Braille Skateboarding Takes Things To The Next Level By Doing Some Stupid Tricks.

Skateboarding is fun, however it can likewise hurt like damnation in the event that you don’t comprehend what you’re doing. Hold up a moment – you’re really great skater on the planet as indicated by Tony Hawk’s computer games. That is fine and dandy, yet leave your mother’s cellar and substantiate yourself in case you’re going to converse with smack.Bird of prey is the man, and he demonstrated over and over that skateboarding is dope for all ages. FYI – the man is 48-years of age and as yet doing ollies.Can you pull off a nollie laser flip? Shouldn’t something be said about an internal heelflip? These are a portion of the hardest traps for an enthusiastic skateboarder.Anything Hawk can do, the fellows over at Braille Skateboarding can improve. In the video beneath, you get a thought of what we mean.


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