Command Hooks in Home. Check This Out!

10 Helpful Command Hooks in Home. Check This Out!
Command hooks

Worried about the surroundings in your home? Try these 10 helpful command hooks to see what suits your home to look more organized. Using or putting small things like command hooks for the organizational system in your home is truly helpful to clean up the mess.  The more your home organized, the more it gives a bright life to you by having a neat and clean surroundings, more convenient, comfortable and better view of your home.

  1. Beauty Tool Organizer

command hooks

This beauty tool organizer will help you clean your mess more specifically in your bathroom cabinet doors. You can hang up all your beauty tools such as hair dryers, etc. Through this beauty tool organizer, it will give a nice and organized surrounding.

 2. Pot Lid & Cooking Utensil Storage

command hooks

Put a command hooks in your kitchen cabinet doors. It is good for storing the tops of your pots or pans and large utensils that don’t fit in your drawers. It is very vital to give a favorable and more convenient space in your home.

3.    DIY Banana Hook

command hooks

There are times that fruits like banana consumes more space in the house so, put a command strip or hooks under any kitchen cabinet for simple storage that doesn’t look larger space. It shows creativity and resourcefulness and way better to look at your home organized.

4.    Easy Food Wrap Access

command hooks

To make things easy in getting the aluminum foil and plastic wrap, use command hooks to avoid fumbling around in the kitchen to find wrapping materials. You can store it inside of the kitchen cabinet door to easily find and identified.

5.    Key Hook

command hooks

Most of us truly forgetful of our keys and sometimes we just scatter our keys everywhere in the home so the key hook is very relevant to make your life easy as well as saving your time in finding the keys in your house.

6.    Trash Bag Security


To cover up properly the trash bins by the garbage bags, the command hook is really important to lock up the garbage bags into the trash bins to avoid the unfavorable scents scatter around the house.

7.    Jewelry Storage


Most people especially women have a hard time organizing their stuff like jewelry. To look at your surroundings arranged, put command strips on the wall near your dresser so you can be able to put your worn accessories neatly. This will make you feel more comfortable and convenient.

8.    Phone and Tablet Holder


Use or put two command hooks to the wall near your power outlet. This will keep your devices off the floor and out of the way while charging. You can also add hooks in your car, it is more convenient to use when watching movies on phones hands-free.

9.    Scooper Hook


Place command hooks on the side of your food container to place your spoon on. This is helpful to avoid digging for the spoon during meal time or snack time.

  1.    Organize Seasoning Mixes COMMAND HOOKSThere are many situations that the seasoning mixes in the house were all messed up and very unpleasant to see. To solve this issue, use command hooks and collect all the seasoning mixes with a binder clip and place it into the cabinet to make it more organized. It will give a better view of the kitchen.