This Cutie Might Look Like A Pokemon, But This Is A Real Squid…


At first look, this adorable googly-eyed purple squid might look like an imaginary creature, a Pokemon perhaps, but it is actually for real!
Researchers on the E/V Nautilus sent a remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) 3,000 feet deep off the coast of California. But they couldn’t help it but panic in delight when they spotted a rare “Rossia

Pacifica” while exploring the ocean floor.

This is probably the cutest squid you’ll ever see!

Rossia Pacifica, also known as the Stubby Squid, is a species of bobtail squid native to the northern Pacific Ocean. It mostly spends its time on the ocean floor camouflaging itself into the sand, leaving only its eyes visible so it can see prey. During summer it moves to deeper water where it breeds and dies soon after breeding.

Well you gotta see it in action to believe it.

Despite being called a squid, it is actually more closely related to a cuttlefish than it is to an octopus or a squid. Well, whatever it is, this creature is absolutely adorable.


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