4 Harmful Effects of Technology on Children’s Behavior

technologyHarmful effects of technology on your children’s behavior

Technology nowadays is rapidly accelerating in society. It develops many inventions that include big pieces of machinery, and gadgets where anyone could use, even those small once or the children. It becomes part of our everyday life and makes our works easier than before. But these, either small or big things, are both affect the lives of people. It also affects the behavior of everybody, especially children. According to science, a child can easily learn to do things from what he/she saw to the people around them. So when parent-owned gadgets, there is a possibility that the children will easily learn how to use it. In this article, you will learn what are the harmful effects of technology on your children’s behavior. Below are those harmful effects and how to mitigate it.


1. They became more sensitivetechnology

When the child starts to view some shows from the television or learn how to use gadgets, like cellular phones, they tend to be more sensitive when they overuse it. Some of them will get angry when their parents take the phone from them or turn off the television.


2. They act like what they saw

A child who is being obsessed with using technology is most likely to do what they adopted from the televisions or gadgets. Some of them are imagining that they are superheroes on the television and do what superheroes do. When they have time to play, usually they are acting like what their favorite character does in a movie or in a show on television or videos. In this case, children can also adopt the wrongdoings of the different characters that they saw on tv or videos. If the character does aggressive things, there is a possibility that the child can easily learn from it.


3. They will have difficulty in interacting their fellows at school

technologyThere is some real-life experience of a parent who has a son. From early childhood, their son is being engaged in viewing his favorite cartoon shows on the television. But when he starts to study at school he could not able to interact with his classmates because he could not speak fluently his mother tongue. Instead, he will be nurtured at school, he could not cooperate easily in many activities, especially those physical activities.

4. They tend to disobey their parents

Those children who are engaged in using technology every day tend to disobey their parents. How? Usually, some of them have no time for their parents. They would prefer to use the gadgets or view the television than to bond with their family. And that was a sad thing.

Every one of us knows that technology is very useful in our lives, but we need to know that it has also a negative or harmful effect on us. We should be able to limit the use of technology to avoid those effects. To the parents who have children who are engaged in using gadgets or television, should know how to discipline them. Hastings, E. et. al. (2009) suggest that the parent should strictly monitor their children especially when they are using technologies in order to mitigate those negatives effects in their behavior.