This Woman Had Her Face Injected With Cement. Look What Happened…

In many countries, black market doctors thrive for many reasons, including financial reasons, banned procedures, and simply a lack of information among patients. In the United States in 2005, Rajee Narinesingh, a transgender woman, attended a “pumping party” in which a doctor used black market fillers without telling his patients.

Face Injected With Cement

The filler used in the procedure was mostly cement, which caused severe deformity in Rajee’s face.

Face Injected With Cement

However, a board of medical professionals have chipped in to help Rajee restore her face and dignity with a series of procedures to eradicate the damage done.

ace Injected With Cement

As you can see, the result is terrific, having almost completely restored her original looks.

Face Injected With Cement

She said, “I look in the mirror and think, wow. I’m excited about the future and the wonderful possibilities it holds for me. The men situation is better. I’m getting approached a lot more, and they seem to be really attracted to me.”

Face Injected With Cement

She also wants to use her misfortune to warn the world of the dangers of unlicensed medical practices. Her initial surgeon has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license and tragically, cost one of his clients their life.

Face Injected With Cement

So hopefully some good will come of these tragic situations that transpired, and Rajee can put this ugly incident behind her!

Face Injected With Cemen

Source: TwentyTW

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