Food Substitutes on Highly Addictive Foods. Learn More!

5 Common Addictive Foods and Its Healthier Food Substitutes. Learn More!


Why is it important to know some healthier food substitutes for highly addictive foods? You can’t deny the fact that most of the day, you are craving for food that we like especially on snack time and the first thing that comes in our mind is junk foods which are not good for your health. You used to eat junk foods, salty or fatty foods that have been proven to be highly addictive that makes it difficult to resist especially when you watch movies, hang-out with friends or go on a picnic.  To enjoy all these types of food without worrying about your health, here are some of the healthier food substitutes or alternatives of these highly addictive junk foods that can make you physically healthy. You will surely love and enjoy the delicious taste of it.

  1. Pizza    


It is one of the most popular foods in the world and also become the favorite food of many people which best to eat especially when movie time, game day or hang-outs. Nevertheless, a standard pizza is very delicious yet pretty loaded with carbs, saturated fat, sodium and it is considered as the top highly addictive food according to the National Institute of Health. But, the best food substitutes pizza which concerns about your health is the Vigan Spring Garden Pizza which is made from more nutritious ingredients and will surely satisfy your cravings.

  1. French Fries  


Let’s be honest. These flavourful, crispy, thin French fries are very difficult to resist especially when you are craving for it. Besides, the delicious taste of it brings potential health risks. Therefore, try these Baked Veggie Fries, it is very delicious and much healthier than the usual french fries besides, it has been baked, it has less oil and salt. It is the best healthier food substitutes fries that you will surely love.


This is a perfect food in hot sunny weather but it is pretty loaded with sugar and carbs which is not good for the health especially when having an excessive intake like diabetes. However, try this Dairy-Free Option, perfect food substitutes for your health. It has less sugar but still tasty to eat. It will surely keep you cool.


Fried potato chips are commonly the first snack that comes in our minds when we feel bored but we all know that it contains lots of saturated fats, carbs and calories which prone to obesity. To stay healthy, try these Baked Potato Chips instead. This is a perfect food substitute when you are health conscious and craving for a snack like this. 


Craving for this juicy beef patty and melting cheese between two fluffy buns? Yes, Please! However, excessive intake of this food which has saturated fat and carbs is not good for the health leading to kidney failure and diabetes. Instead of having meaty cheeseburgers, why not substitute it to Spicy Cheese Burgers which is much healthier and tasty. It has less saturated fat and carbs, perfect for your health.

Delicious right? You do not have to limit yourself on the foods that are available near to you which are not good in your physical health. In order to have a good and healthy body, try these five healthier food substitutes. It is best for your body at some point, very helpful because of the nutrients you can get and limit your excessive intake of fatty and salty foods that full of saturated fats and carbs that are really prone to diseases. You can still enjoy eating your favorite snacks in a healthier and tastier way.