Healthy Lifestyle How to Maintain it

healthy lifestyleTo maintain a healthy lifestyle is not easy that sometimes depends on our financial state and vision in our life. We, as an individual we have different ways of taking care of our body healthy, it means by eating healthy foods, proper hygiene, exercise, plenty of water, enough sleep, attitude, and habits.


healthy lifestyle
Healthy Foods
Aware of the foods you eat, it must be in balance don’t take over carbohydrates, proteins, fats, calories, and nutrients. These must be in equal measure we intake. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in every day you eat, the meat, fish, and eggs are also new and not fully freeze for more than 3 days. Eating enough on time can be the most important, you have a strict schedule on following that.

healthy lifestyle
Proper Hygiene
Having good hygiene is also one way to consider we are healthy, we should brush our teeth twice a day, taking a bath every day, change clothes and underwear every day and make sure we are washing our hands before and after eating foods, then wash hands after using toilet and using disinfectants like alcohol or sanitizer.

healthy lifestyle

Beginning of the day when we woke up we need to spend 20 minutes to 30 minutes of exercise, woke up it starts up with stretching and bending to help develop our bone density and to maintain strength and flexibility.

healthy lifestyle
Plenty of Water
Others are not aware of drinking plenty of water and don’t know how important it is. As we intake healthy foods we should also drink plenty of water to help our body function well, helps to remove waste and toxic to the body, can also provide nutrients and oxygen to the body. So better to drink 8 glasses of water or more than to consider our lifestyle is healthy.

healthy lifestyle
Enough Sleep
Having enough sleep is one way to be healthy. We need to reach 6 to 8 hours of sleep either in day or night. Having enough sleep can help to add boast energy, gives the ability to think and concentrate things in everyday living.

healthy lifestylehealthy lifestyle
Attitude and Habits
Maintaining a positive attitude can add your healthy lifestyle no matter we are facing everyday stress in our lives, wear a smile and laugh out loud several times to cope with some stressful situation and keep on positive thoughts. Having good habits like avoiding alcohol, smoke and drugs can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle too. Make sure we are positive always and stay healthy.

healthy lifestyle

We are thankful because in this millennial generation we have enough knowledge on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can surf on to the internet, some source is from our health care provider like the physician, doctor of medicine, dietitian, nutritionist, clinical social worker, clinical psychologist, dentist, nurse practitioners, midwives, and optometrist. We need to have an understanding of the nutritional content of what we eat that can make a big difference to our health, and the health of our family. Take charge of our life, and be mindful of habits and attitudes that can make our lifestyle healthy.