Incredible Stories of People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist.

1. Mikel Ruffinelli- Widest Hips

Mikel Ruffinelli

Mikel Ruffinelli is an American woman who currently holds the record of widest hip in the world.

Mikel Ruffinelli

2. Asha Mandela- Longest Locks

Asha Mandela

50-year-old Asha Zulu Mandela started growing her lovely dreadlocks 25 years ago, after moving from Trinidad Tobago to New York.

Asha Mandela

Today she is known as “the Black Rapunzel” and holds the record for the world’s longest locks, which measure 19 feet, 6 inches long.

3. The Rapunzel Family-TaraLynn Russell

Rapunzel Family

Terelynn Russel, who lives in Morris, Illinois, with her husband and children, has hair nearly six feet long – and now her daughters are close to matching her achievement.

Rapunzel Family

4. David Matlock- Perfect Wife

David Matlock
A plastic surgeon has used his body sculpting skills to create his dream woman before proposing to her on their first date.
Dr David Matlock met his bride Veronica, 38, in 2007 when she was 40lbs heavier and visited him seeking what is commonly known as ‘designer vagina’ surgery after giving birth to her daughter Isabella, now aged nine.
As well as the vaginoplasty, Dr Matlock suggested that the beautiful brunette also undergo a
‘Wonder Woman Makeover’, involving liposuction of the chin, arms, and legs, and a Brazilian butt lift.

5. Michele Koebke- Smallest Waist Record

Michele Koebke

The Berlin native is currently preparing to beat the record for the world’s smallest waist by using corsets daily, her current waist measuring a surprisingly small 16 inches.

6. Kajol Khan- Indian Snake Girl

Kajol Khan

Deadly Cobra snakes are the best pals of this eight-year-old Indian girl even after being bitten by them a couple of times. Kajol Khan wants to become a snake catcher like her dad.

7. Elisany da Cruz Silva- Tallest in Brazil

Elisany da Cruz Silva

Elisany da Cruz Silva is a staggering 6ft 8ins tall while her compact fiancee Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho is only 5ft 4ins.

8. Janice Haley- Two Tigers In Her Garden

Janice Haley
While most people tend to use their garden as a place of relaxation, Janice Haley chooses to use her backyard as a place to keep her two pet tigers.
Saber, a 600 pound male white Bengal tiger and Janda, a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage at the back of Mrs Haley’s unassuming suburban home in Orlando, Florida

9. Romario Dos Santos Alves- Bodybuilder

Romario Dos Santos Alves

A bodybuilder who wanted to look like the Incredible Hulk risked his life injecting oil into his arms.
Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, turned to a cocktail of oil, painkillers and alcohol to pump up his biceps – with astounding results.

10. Pakkirappa Hunagundi- The Man Who Eats Mud

Pakkirappa Hunagundi

That’s gone down like a ton of bricks: Indian villager is addicted to eating mud, rocks and building blocks… and gets through three kilos of debris a day!

11. Hunter Steinitz- Skin Disease

Hunter Steinitz

Hunter Steinitz, 18, has a rare genetic condition, harlequin ichthyosis, which means her skin is too thick and she has dry patches all over the body.
She is unable to close her eyes, wears a wig because her hair follicles are blocked by skin, and is in constant danger of dehydrating because she cannot sweat.

12. Mark Dumas- Friend With A Polar Bear

Mark Dumas

Mark and his wife Dawn have owned Agee since she was six weeks old and the colossal mammal even lived in their home as a cub where she played with the family dogs and was bottle fed.

13. African Women
African Women

14. Kann Trichan- Using Hand To Cook

Kann Trichan
Dipping his hands into hot boiling fat, this chef takes his cooking to extremes.
Kann ‘Superhands’ Trichan can bury his hands in boiling fat and sieve fried chicken with his own fingers.
Amazingly the 50-year-old – a world record holder – walks away with no blisters at all.

15. Simon and George Cullen- Real Vamp’s

Simon and George Cullen

With their fanged teeth and eerily pale complexions, brothers George and Simon Cullen have been compared to the vampires from the hit movie Twilight.

16. Rajee Narinesingh- Plastic Fail

Rajee Narinesingh

Rajee Narinesingh was one of the victims of ‘toxic tush’ doctor Oneal Ron Morris, who performed illegal plastic surgeries using substances such as Fix-a-Flat, Super Glue and mineral oil.

17. Piyah Martell- Small Legs

Piyah Martell

Piyah Martell was born in California and knew from a young age she was a woman trapped in a man’s body. She was also born with a unique condition – she’s got 2 tiny legs, but can’t use them.

Piyah Martell18. Charlotte Garside- Smallest Child

Charlotte Garside

Meet Charlotte Garside, a tiny miracle from God! She is 5 years-old, but she weighs less than 9 pounds and only stands 26.5 inches tall; she is the smallest girl in the world!

Charlotte Garside
19. Sean Stephenson- Short Guy

Sam Berns

Sean Clinch Stephenson is an American therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker. Because he was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, Stephenson stands three feet tall, has fragile bones, and must use a wheelchair.

20. Lia Benninghoff & Aro Draven- Drink Their Blood

Lia Benninghoff & Aro Draven20 year-old Lia Benninghoff met ‘vampire’ Aro Draven on Valentine’s Day through a dating website. The two became smitten, Lia being intrigued by Aro’s vampire lifestyle. They actually drink each other blood.

21. Ibrahim Hamato- Plays Tennis Without Arms

Ibrahim Hamato

The Egyptian Ibrahim Hamato loves table tennis, or ping-pong. He loves it so much that he manages to play it despite the fact he was born without arms.

22. Meghan Umphres Leatherman – Pregnant Weightlifter

Meghan Umphres Leatherman

The American weightlifter Meghan Umphres Leatherman didn’t let a small thing such as pregnancy to stop her training program and she kept on lifting weights that go up to 215 lb.

23. Cassidy Hooper – Born Without Nose & Eyes

Cassidy Hooper

The American girl was born without eyes or nose at all. But now, this brave girl is going through series of surgeries that will fix her problem!

24. Sam Berns- Progeria

Sam BernsSampson Gordon “Sam” Berns was an American who suffered from progeria and helped raise awareness about the disease. He was the subject of the HBO documentary Life According to Sam, which was first screened in January 2013. He died one year later.

Sam Berns25. Winnie Harlow- Black and White

Winnie Harlow

Chantelle Brown-Young, professionally known as Winnie Harlow or Chantelle Winnie, is a Canadian model. She is also known for her prominent form of the chronic skin condition vitiligo, which she has had since the age of four.

26. Kelly Lee Dekay- Comic Girl

Kelly Lee DekayInspired by her favorite comic book characters, Kelly, a fetish model, has shrunk her waist to a minuscule 16 inches using a steel boned tight-laced corset.

27. Child Found Under Rubble

Child Found Under Rubble

28. True Story

True Story
Liu Ch’ung was a Chinese emperor that was featured in a episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” because he had two irises/pupils in each of his eyeballs.

29. Little Mermaid (The Real Story)

Little Mermaid
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