Keeping Pets Healthy Despite Dog Days…Must Read!

What are the Ways in Keeping Pets Healthy Despite Dog Days? Let’s be honest: Your pet is 100 percent part of your family. And you’d do just about anything to keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and safe. Fortunately, you don’t need to book her pawdicures at a spa to help your pet live her best life this summer. Here are the best ways to show her you care, every day.

Keeping Pets Healthy By Leveling Up Your H2O

Keeping Pets Healthy



You probably fill up your pet’s water bowl from the faucet every morning without a thought, right? Here’s a zero-effort move that can make a big difference: Add a PUR faucet filter to your kitchen sink. It takes next to no thought, and it’s certified to reduce more than 70 contaminants that could be lurking in your tap water, including lead, mercury, and certain pesticides, as well as chlorine — more than any other brand. So you can watch your fur baby happily lap from her bowl  with the confidence that what she’s slurping is as clean as possible. And just like the human members of your gang, your pet is apt to swig more water — and keeping Pets healthy and hydrated in the summer heat — when it tastes great.

Get Moving Together

Keeping Pets Healthy


While those daily walks are vital, inserting more play into your pooch’s routine this summer can have a potent effect on his emotional and physical health. In fact, exercise can also help mitigate or solve 90 percent of unwanted dog behaviors such as digging and chewing. The best plan? Exercise with your four-legged friend. Dogs were bred for thousands of years to work and live with humans, so they actually require regular interaction with people, according to Zak George, the No. 1 dog trainer on YouTube and author of the bestseller Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution and the upcoming Zak George’s Guide to a Well-Behaved Dog. An old-fashioned round of fetch is the absolute best way to satisfy a dog both mentally and physically, according to George. Hikes, long walks, and sports such as Flyball and Frisbee also fit the bill.

Help Them Eat Clean

Keeping Pets Healthy

Filling up on preservatives and other chemicals is a hard no if you want to stay fit and healthy — and the same goes in keeping Pets Healthy. Instead of grabbing a bag that’s chock full of the artificial stuff, choose foods that use fresh, whole ingredients and avoid anything highly processed. Your best bet: Foods with fewer ingredients and those that list a protein like chicken or fish first, advises Bruce Tannenbaum, DVM, a veterinarian in South Florida who has been practicing for almost 40 years. Make sure your pet’s chow includes a statement of nutritional adequacy as well as a guaranteed analysis (a percentage of the nutrients found in it). “Work with your vet so you can make sure your pet is has the right amount of calories and nutrition based on his or her age, size, health, and other dietary needs,” recommends Dr. Tannenbaum.

Schedule Well Visits

Keeping Pets Healthy

Of course, if your pet is sick or having injuries, you’d head straight to the vet. It is also critical to keep up with annual vet visits.  Routine well visits can help catch minor illnesses before your pet is symptomatic. Thus,  you can then make changes to help prevent such illnesses and infections from becoming serious,” Dr. Tanenbaum explains.

Restock the Toy Shelf

Keeping Pets Healthy

Know how your kids are issue a summer reading list to keep them from backsliding during the summer? Cats and dogs also need mental stimulation all year round. Challenge your furry friends with the right toys to ensure they don’t become bored (translation: destructive).

Choose toys that are durable and with right size . But not so big that they can’t get their mouth around it. Got a chewer? Find toys described as “ultra-durable” or similar. Check out various squeakies, bones, tug toys, and balls until you find a couple your dog loves.

For cats, appeal to their predatory instincts with playthings that simulate the hunt. A toy bird or squirrel is a hit, or anything they can chase.

Upgrade Your Bowls

Keeping Pets Healthy

Mealtime isn’t just about serving the right food and water — what you put them in also matters. The goal is to keep things as natural as possible. So eliminating preservatives from food, contaminants from water, and chemicals from his bowl is key. Avoid plastic dishes, because they’re apt to have chemicals that can leach into food. Your dog may be allergic to the dyes from their artificial color. Stainless steel is a great for bowls because it’s durable. If you choose ceramic, make sure it doesn’t contain lead. Keep your pet’s bowl filled with PUR filtered tap water and he’ll stay happy and hydrated.