The Best Sensual Dance Named Kizomba With A Very Entertaining Dance Moves!

Kizomba was conceived in Angola (in Luanda) in the 1980’s. This moving style is new and it normally developed from an Angolan semba. Semba has much speedier beat than kizomba, yet you will see a ton of similitudes to kizomba in the moves and driving. Kizomba is a standout amongst the most mainstream latin social moving sorts these days. It is beginning to adversary moving styles like: salsa, bachata, cha-cha and merengue. Kizomba is both a music style and move style, yet proficient artists say that you can move kizomba to each music, even in the clubs. What’s more, that is right, in light of the fact that kizomba has it’s trademark beat, which is likewise like r’n’b music.

For me the fascination with kizomba comes in view of it’s exotic nature and beats, that can be utilized to blend road move (hip-jump style) moves into the move. Kizomba has developed as a more present day music and moving style with pleasant beats in the music. It talks more to our times than salsa or bachata.

Here below you can watch a great video in which they dance in groups during the International Kizomba Flashmob in Mexico. As it is usually danced in pairs, but I must say it’s still nice to be in a group or in pairs.


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