This Hot Lady Attempts To Twerk On Live TV But Suffers Bad Experience. Look What Happened…

This young lady tries to wow the live audience with a little bit of twerking. Man, did she fail miserably.

Meet Lateysha Grace, and ex-housemate from the TV show Big Brother is famous for her bubbly butt. So when she was a guest on this talk show, the host just had to acknowledge her twerking abilities.

Lateysha attempts to twerk

Lateysha obliged the host and gave a little twerking performance. Unfortunately for her, the dress she’s wearing was too tight and it rips, revealing her bright pink thong.

Lateysha attempts to twerk

The host quickly tries to fix her skirt as the horrified star asks, “Why is this happening to me?!” But she quickly laughed it off. What a good sport.

Lateysha attempts to twerk

She should’ve won Big Brother, dammit.


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