Stubby Legs, How to Make it Look Longer? Check Some Tips and Tricks

Having stubby legs can sometimes get you down and make you feel frustrated and often lose your confidence. But what should you do or how do you make your legs look longer?

Other women are envied by those who have perfectly shaped long legs. They can only dream and fancy about it. But there are things that you can do to help your legs look longer. Wearing the right types of clothes and shoes can really help make your legs look longer and leaner.

We at Cloudnewsfeed make a list of some dressing tips and tricks that at least help you on how to make your legs appear longer than they really are. Don’t worry there’s no surgery and no other terrifying things. With just the color and length of your clothes, your look can change dramatically.


1. Wearing low vamp shoes can make your stubby legs look longer.

Low vamp on shoes will work better than with high vamp. The vamp is the part of the shoe that covers the top of your foot from your ankle to your toes. Shoes with a low vamp, that covers only the toes that maybe even show some toe cleavage will make your legs look longer.

Make Stubby Legs Look Longer


2. The proper length of pants is the key to hide your stubby legs.

Better wear the appropriate length of pants. Cropped pants make your legs shorter and too long pants may look sloppy. Always keep in mind that proper length is the key.

Make Short Legs Look Longer




3. Try to tuck your shirt in.

Tucking your shirt in will help to make your upper body appear shorter and your leg looks longer.

Make Stubby Legs Look Longer



4. Choose vertical stripes on bottoms, not horizontal ones.

Vertical details on bottoms will visually make your legs look longer by drawing the eye up and down the length of them.

Make Short Legs Look Longer




5. Better to prefer high heels. They will make you taller and lengthen your legs.

High heels are a quick way to give your legs an instant length-boost. But even low heels will help, so don’t feel obligated to immediately jump into the highest heels you can find.


Make Stubby Legs Look Longer


We hope that our little tips and tricks will help you somehow in your concerns. Don’t let your stubby legs make you feel bad about yourself. Remember, you are beautiful in your own unique ways. Most importantly, we are loved by our Almighty Creator who made us wonderful inside and out.