Makeup Tricks That Spoil Your True Beauty

Beauty has great power, but we all have different views on what’s beautiful.

We found out which beauty tricks can only hide your true beauty.

8. Dark lipstick

True Beauty

Dark lipstick of unnatural colors can look like war paint: the face seems more aggressive and resembles a mask. And it’s not so easy to get rid of the marks from such a lipstick after kissing your beloved!

7. Unnatural hair

True Beauty

Complex hairstyles with an abundance of hairspray and gel, backcombed hair, or unnatural curls are reminiscent of dolls, and it’s not very attractive.

6. Bright eye shadow

True Beauty

Women often associate colorful eye shadows with the coloring of tropical birds. However, certain colors are too bright and create an unattractive look.

5. An abundance of perfume

True Beaty

Perfumes smell nice, but an abundance of them can cause the desire to run away. Stay away from fragrances that too chemical or too sweet.

4. Drawn-on eyebrows

True Beauty

Eyebrows drawn with black pencil or tattooed, especially in combination with blonde hair, can create a puzzling effect. Your eyebrows should complement the rest of your makeup.

3. Showy manicure

True Beauty

Long acrylic nails or a complex bright manicure with an abundance of rhinestones or a bizarre pattern can appear a little bit…weird. It can also look as if you’re trying too hard

2. Bright rouge

True Beauty

When trying to give a healthy blush to the cheeks, women can apply too much rouge. Less is more! It’s not theatrical makeup, after all.

1. Too much foundation

True Beauty

Foundation that is too thick makes the face look like a mask, which doesn’t add attractiveness. In addition, it doesn’t solve the problem of rashes and only emphasizes all the irregularities on the skin. It’s better to use foundation with a light texture (for example, BB and CC creams): they create an even skin tone without the effect of a mask.