Nauti-craft Boat Has Suspension to Stop You Feeling Seasick

The Nauti-craft Boat technology is a hydraulic suspension system for multihulled vessels.

The system separates the hulls from the superstructure which allows the hullsto react rapidly to wave inputs and conform to the ocean surface without transmitting high forces and accelerations of the hulls to the deck and superstructure.

This technology could also be used by the military – due to the hydraulic shock absorbers the boat is incredibly stable in even the roughest waters. A ‘passive reactive’ separates the hull from the superstructure.This is interlinked with a hydraulic system which allows the hulls to react rapidly to wave inputs without transmitting these forces to the hull and deck of the boat.

Nauti-craft Boat

This provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability whether stationary or travelling at speed.The improvements to stability and maintaining a level attitude can be further enhanced with active control of the suspension system. The Nauti-Craft, which has been dubbed the 4×4 for the ocean, can handle rough sea at high speed with the help of a hydraulic suspension system for multi-hulled vessels.These hydraulic shock absorbers minimise the impacts for those onboard.’Our marine suspension technology is on the path to widespread adoption with three companies with programs in place to build boats using the technology during 2017,’ said Nauti-Craft’s Managing Director Ken Johnsen.

Nauti-craft Boat

This Nauti-craft Boat has great potential applications for commercial, military and recreational vessels.The Nauti-Craft’s high-tech suspension means it can cut through rough waters and keep its passengers in blissful comfort on board. Initially the boat was designed for commercial use on wind farms, but the technology will soon also be available for recreational use.  This provides increased levels of ride comfort, control and stability.Similar suspension systems have been used by Mitsubishi motors in the Dakar rally and by Citroen’s WRC team in the world rally championships.’Nauti-Craft has under development concepts that are being targeted at the higher volume recreational sector where we aim to offer never been seen before levels of comfort in a consumer version of the technology’, said Mr Johnsen.

Nauti-craft Boat