Amusement Park Incidents That’ll Make You Insane

5 Amusement Park Incidents That’ll Make You Insane: 

1. A fire broke out in the Haunted Castle at Florida’s Six Flags in 1984, but guests thought the flames were part of the attraction and got trapped inside.

Amusement Park Incidents

Eight people died inside the building and could only be identified by their dental records. One of the firefighters said they “couldn’t tell the difference between the prop skeletons and what was real.”


2. A derailment on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland California once caused a man to die, and passengers had to sit next to the body for 20 minutes before help came.

Amusement Park Incidents

One of the cars on the iconic ride broke loose while filled with guests in 2003. Riders waited in a tunnel for paramedics to arrive while Marcelo Torres sat dead in one of the cars. Ten other passengers were hurt.


3. A cable split a fiberglass coaster car in half at Knott’s Berry Farm in California in 2009, slashing an 11-year-old rider’s leg.

Amusement Park Incidents

Kyle Wheeler and his dad were riding the Xcelerator when the launch cables snapped midway through the launch. The boy’s knee and ankle are now functioning again, and the park settled with the boy’s family to cover “medical bills as well as the family’s emotional distress.”


4. In 1991, two people were electrocuted at Kings Island in Ohio, and an hour later, a woman fell to her death on a flight simulator ride.

Amusement Park Incidents

The two incidents were unrelated: The fatal shock happened when two men went into a roped-off pond that had electrical equipment sticking out of it, and the woman was believed to have fallen out of her harness on the flight simulator.


5. A man died at Disneyland in California while trying to sneak into the park after hours via the monorail track in 1966.

Amusement Park Incidents

Thomas Cleveland scaled a wall onto the track as a way to gain access into the park. When spotted by security, he bolted, and his body was dragged about 40 feet down the track before he died.