This Man Dies While Picking Weeds. Now His Family Notifies Against This Unpredictable Spring Danger.

This is a heartbreaking story about a remarkable father. For most of us, a bee sting might hurt for a few hours and then it gets better. But for others, it could be far more dangerous.

Recently, Tampa Bay-based John Clark was doing some yard work on a Sunday morning, when he found himself standing on a hive. He was stung by 4 Yellow jacket wasps – the standard wasp that can be found in North America. He went inside and told his wife Julie that he’d been stung by some bees.

But what happened next is just shocking.

Julie brought him some ice thinking that the day would pass like any other day. But suddenly, the father started to feel numb and it became difficult for him to breathe.

He immediately felt something was terribly wrong and told his wife: “I love you”.

He then stopped breathing. Despite all efforts from the paramedics who showed up later, it was too late for the doctors to save the father.

“A beautifully ordinary day, that turned into…a tragic day,” his wife told Fox13, her eyes full of tears.


Sadly, nobody knew that John was allergic to wasps, including himself. He died from anaphylaxis – a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death.

“An allergy this severe is rare, but it can be developed at anytime in a person’s life,” Dr. Joette Giovinco told Fox13.


“A perfectly healthy, beautiful guy, just dead- that quickly, within an hour,” John’s shocked father-in-law Dave Kozlowski said.

Source : NewsN

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