This Blindfolded Man Attempts to Solve Three Rubik’s Cubes. How Judges React Is Hilarious…

A bloke who solved rubik’s cubes while blindfolded impressed the Britain’s Got Talent 2016 judges at the weekend.

Romanian Flavian described himself as a so-called ‘Speed Cuber’.

“Today I came on Britain’s Got Talent to make a show of intelligence,” he told the judges. “This is something different, I really want to be good.”

Flavian went on to solve a trio of rubik’s cubes while blind folded, finishing the last with just one hand.

It was a strange act but one that seemed to mightily impress the judges and live audience.

Amanda Holden and David Walliams both even gave Flavian a standing ovation.

“That was amazing!” exclaimed Amanda.

After the act, Simon Cowell commented: “Are you from this planet? Honestly, I don’t think genuinely a human being should be able to do it.”

David Walliams said: “It was brilliantly entertaining, something we’ve never seen before and we’ve absolutely no idea how you could possibly memorise all those moves

“I think that was really impressive,” added Alesha Dixon.

Amanda agreed: “What we witnessed today was extraordinary, well done.”

Flavian got four yeses, with Simon concluded: “Even though I don’t think you’re from earth, I’m going to say yes.”

Source : TellyM

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