Saving Money, Simple Life Hacks…Must Read

Saving money is what most people need.Having lunch in a cafe instead of eating homemade food, addiction to coffee, and a habit of making spontaneous purchases — these are the biggest enemies of saving money, according to internet users. Today’s compilation includes little tricks that are all about saving money.

If you’ve finally decided to challenge your habit of spending too much money, Cloudnewsfeed has 23 simple life hacks to help you in saving money.

You can use outdated maps and old notebooks as wrapping paper.saving money


When I encounter a really good deal, I first ask myself, “was I already planning to buy this?” If the answer is, “No,” it’s not really a good deal, because you’ve bought something you didn’t really needsaving money

You can go to different stores and get some carpet samples either for free or at a very cheap price. Use duct tape to attach them and you can make yourself a great carpet.


A little trick that has really helped my wife and I spend less money is to try and have 2 days per week where we don’t spend a single dollar. By forcing yourself to forego the pack of gum, the diet Coke, and whatever else on your $0 days, you wind up cutting these things out naturally on the other days. If you don’t buy a latte on Tuesday and Thursday because these are your no-spend days, you’re unlikely to buy them on Wednesday and Friday to double-down and you’re equally unlikely to buy an extra one the day before to keep in your car for the next day. On top of all that, just getting into the mindset that it’s possible to go a full day without spending a dollar starts the habit of watching how you spend money every day. ©Oax_Mike, reddit

saving money

Instead of spending $20 a month on printer cartridges, I spent $60 on a continuous feed system that I can fill for almost nothing. This helps me a lot in saving money.


On every payday, I move half of what I had left over from the last pay period over into my savings account. (Paying myself). Sometimes it’s not a lot but it has added up quickly. I also add $5 to each of my kids’ savings accounts every payday. They each have over $1,000 and my personal savings has just reached 5 figures. As a single mom, who has always lived paycheck to paycheck, I have surprised myself. ©cupcakejenn, reddit

Replant green onions, leeks, and other veggies and put them in houseplants to save a little bit extra. It’s also fun to watch them grow, even if they die you have just wasted scrap bits anyway. Here, you will find a list of what you can grow on a balcony or your windowsill.