Selfie Kid Saga Continues When The Unanticipated Super Bowl Superstar Gets A Call

Sometimes it can be surprising who winds up stealing the show during the Super Bowl.

A few years ago during Katy Perry’s set, the “left shark” was the breakout hit after not quite knowing all of the dance moves. For this year’s Justin Timberlake performance, some thought it was his rustic shirt or the hologram of Prince that shone overhead.

But people keep coming back to youngster Ryan McKenna, who you may know better as Selfie Kid.

In August 2014, it was reported that the NFL had a shortlist of three potential acts for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, which were Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Rihanna. However, The Wall Street Journal also reported that league representatives asked representatives of potential acts if they would be willing to provide financial compensation to the NFL in exchange for their appearance, in the form of either an up-front fee, or a cut of revenue from concert performances made following the Super Bowl. While these reports were denied by an NFL spokeswoman, the request had, according to the Journal, received a “chilly” response from those involved.[3][4]


McKenna didn’t expect to be at the center of his musical idol’s performance, but when Timberlake wandered into the crowd, they were face to face.

Selfie kid Saga

Or, more accurately, face to camera. McKenna took this golden opportunity to get a selfie with his hero — and it actually turned out pretty good!

Selfie kid Saga

Ellen invited him on her show to talk about the unexpected fame, and she had one last surprise for him as well. Check it out in the video below!