Sharks Feast on a Sperm Whale in a Hugely Satisfying Feeding Session. Look How Awesome!

Shark Week is upon us and one of the most understood animals of the deep are once again in the spotlight, raising awareness and informing humans on how important they are in our ecological system. They may look ferocious and terrifying, but these predators of the deep are just sharks doing shark things, so let’s watch them at what they do best: feeding on other animals.

Five sharks struck gold when they were filmed feasting on the carcass of a nearly 70-foot long sperm whale at Coffs Harbour off the coast of New South Wales.

Shark Feast

Five sharks jumped on the opportunity to have their fill from the dead sperm whale floating in the water. The three great whites and two tiger sharks took more than three hours to tear off as much meat as they could from the whale carcass.

That was one heck of a satisfying meal.

Source : ZM

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