Junk? Smart Life Hacks Give Your Old Junk a Chance

People are neverending Earth consumers. We’re used to junk or throwing items away and buying new ones as soon as they lose their neat looks or need a repair. However, there’s a solution that helps us give back to the place we’ve taken things from.

Bright side wants to suggest 10+ ways to lower your consumption by turning junk into useful stuff.

1.Found a pair of old rackets? Make a couple of stylish mirrors out of them! No to Junk

smart life hacks, no to junk

This hack is all about cutting the right shape out of a mirror. Once you do so or find one, fit it inside the racket and put it on the wall. Not to Junk.

 2.Turn your old, stained ladder into a fancy shelf. No to Junk!smart life hacks, no to junk

Sometimes we don’t see how our junk can become pretty decorations for our home. Thankfully, there are individuals to shed some light on how easily we can repurpose things that usually end up in the dumpster.

3.This old car tire may be used as the sole of our favorite shoes.smart life hacks, no to junk

Don’t run to the clothing stores the second your favorite footwear gets ruined soles. You can still save it! No to junk.

  • Find a car tire you won’t be using anymore.
  • Get a box cutter and remove a piece of the tire.
  • Measure the size of your shoe and mark the corresponding outline on the piece of the tire you’ve just found.
  • Now, use strong glue to attach the tire to the sole of the shoe.
  • Cut off the protruding parts.
  • It’s ready to wear! 

4.Take your hoodie and grant your pet a self-made bean bag.smart life hacks, no to junk

Animal lovers will be pleased to have the chance to make their pets happier with this comfy bed. Simply fill it up with foam rubber or cotton wool, form it into a circle-shaped pillow, and sew the ends of the sleeves.

5.A pair of old boots can be used as marvelous plant pots.

 smart life hacks, no to junk
Try making a new home for your plants and a delight for your eyes with this hack. From now on, the cold weather will be a bit less of an issue for these guys.