Sleeping Together with Snorer Can Harm Your Health

Sleeping with a snorer can be challenging and it’s hard to deny especially if that person is someone you share the same room or bed with. But the consequences of second-hand snoring have recently been discovered and go far beyond being a simple nuisance.

We at Cloud News Feed care about your well-being and here’s everything you need to know about the health risks of sleeping with a snorer


This seems to be the most obvious consequence. But lack of sleep leads to health problems that we often don’t take seriously. Both the snorer and those who live with them can lose many hours of sleep. Which are vital for the body to recover and fulfill biological functions  like memory consolidation and metabolism regulation.

In addition, a person who doesn’t get enough rest is prone to make more mistakes, think slowly, and lower their productivity. Another problem associated with this is constant irritability  which could have an effect on your relationships.

However  it has also been discovered that lack of sleep is a risk factor for anxiety and depression. And beyond its psychological consequences. It also increases the chances of developing obesity or suffering from a stroke.


The fact that your partner’s snoring doesn’t let you sleep can erode the relationship little by little. Listening to a person snoring by your side every night and having to wake them up to stop them from making noise will only make them feel upset. Many even choose to sleep separately or get a divorce after trying to use earplugs or hearing aids to reduce the noise without getting good results.


The conclusion they reached was that the effect of the snoring sound did not affect the snorers as much. This is because the brain decrease respiratory interruptions during sleep. But 100% of their partners did suffer the consequences especially in the ear that was exposed to snoring. The effect was equivalent to having slept for 15 years with an industrial machine.snorer