If You Are Having A Bad Day, Watch This 6-Year Old Stand-up Comedian From America’s Got Talent. This Will Definitely Make Your Day…

Nathan is from Carlsbad, California. He has a younger sister and a younger brother on the way. He starts with a joke when he introduced himself : “My name is Nathan, I am six years old which is practically seven and basically eight.” When his turn is on the way, he said that he feels nervous and excited but ready because he practiced it hundred times. On stage, Simon starts joking and said, I guess you’re twenty-five and Nathan said: “No, I’m six years old.” Simon asked again : “Are you married?” Nathan laughed because he’s only six years old. Look the full episode of Nathan’s audition.

Oh…He’s so cute when asked : “Who writes the material?” He said : “Well my mom doesn’t write, she types them and I come up with the jokes.” 

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