Amazing Technology Evolution From Past to Present. Look How…

Technology evolution has made our lives easier, faster, better and more fun. The first ever laptop weighed 12kg provided with total mobility.

1. There were many earlier inventions that resembled telephones, but Alexander Graham Bell was the first to patent his.Technology Evolution

Alexander Graham Bell first displayed a working telephone at the Centennial Exhibition in 1876.

Through technology evolution. Now:Technology Evolution

Making calls and reading trough phones and are essentially a tiny computer. What a long way we’ve come.

2. The first ever mobile phone was the Vodafone VT1 Transporter, which was only sort of mobile, tbh.Technology Evolution

First mobile phone available in 1985 has ten hours charging time and 5kg weight.

Now:Technology Evolution

Mobile phones now are essentially just extensions of our own bodies, to the extent that they are changing the way we walk and behave.

3. Though computers have existed in some form or another for centuries, the first ever electronic computers were so huge that they took up huge rooms; the one below is from 1946.Technology Evolution

Prior to the invention of the integrated circuit, loading 5GB onto something was no small feat.

4. Now:Technology Evolution

Almost all modern technology in some way – your fridge is probably computerised, so is your television, and the smartwatch on your wrist, not just personal computers, when we think of computers

5. The first ever petrol car was completed and awarded a patent in 1885.Technology Evolution

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen, created by Carl Benz, and had an output of 0.75hp/0.55kW. A Fiat 500 has an output of 51 to 77 kW.

Now:Technology evolution

We are now seeing the the rise of self-driving cars, and a shift towards electric motors.

6. Though originally the London Underground was used by steam engines, it was eventually electrified in the middle of the last century.Technology evolution

Originally built in 1863, Metropolitan was the first line in the system.

7. Now:Technology evolution

Some could argue that the London Underground hasn’t evolved all that much, given the lack of air conditioning. Just some, though.

8. The first steam locomotive was operated for the first time in 1804 and transformed the way people travelled and traded.Technology evolution

Locomotive arrives 1i 1850s at Paddington Station after the station wast first built.

9. Now:Technology evolution

High speed trains are becoming more and more commonplace, travelling at speeds of between 200-380mph depending on the train.

10. The first spacecraft containing a person to successfully orbit the Earth and return was launched in 1961 by the Soviet Union.Technology evolution

The cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, after he successfully completed a spaceflight in the Vostok 1 spacecraft.

Now:Technology evolution

Because of technology evolution, the NASA Space Shuttle programme was retired in 2011. The SpaceX Crew Dragon space shuttle will transport NASA astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time since then.

11. The first ever laptop was the Portal R2E CCMC, which was invented in 1980.Technology evolution

It was completely portable, but it also weighed 12kg and had a RAM of 64K bytes. Through technology evolution, an iPhone 7 can have 32GB memory – which is over 400,000 times bigger context than 64k.


Technology evolution

There are thousands of different laptops available on the market now, with different specs, but you can rest assured all of them have a higher spec than 64k bytes RAM.