Wooden Car Amazingly Created By Man

Want to know whose behind the creation of wooden car?

MEET the man who puts the CAR in carpentry – by building stunning roadworthy vehicles made entirely out of WOOD. Artist Isaac Cohen handcrafts the drivable works of art, which are completely street-legal and custom built. The 63-year-old has been working with wood since the age of 13 and in 1985 opened his own business, Classy Art Wholesalers, selling his custom picture frames.

Isaac Cohen has been building his own custom wood car for 13 yearswooden carBut in 2002 Isaac decided to take his passion for carving to new heights by building a functioning work of art – a wooden car he nicknamed Splinter.

Isaac said: “I never had time to do my artwork between running my business and supporting my family.

“For my 50th birthday I decided I was going to make a wooden car – something I became obsessed with once I started.

“I spent almost 13-14 hours a day on Splinter, but all the hard work came from my heart.

Isaac builds all of his car in his shop in Houston, Texas

“Sometimes I woke up at four in the morning because I was anxious to get into the shop to work on it.”

Splinter was made out of more than 5,000 feet of wooden strips that were glued together and bent to the shape Isaac envisioned.

The steering wheel was constructed from 260 pieces of wood, the gear shift from 90 pieces, and even the handle of the car keys are made from 60 pieces of wood.The 21 foot long car has no handles as the doors and trunks are remote-control operated.

Isaac said: “When it came time to naming the car, my youngest son suggested ‘Splinter’ and I had so many splinters in my fingers it was the perfect name.“It is my favorite car in terms of craftsmanship – it is my masterpiece.”

Isaac poses with his favorite custom car, Splinter

After completing Splinter, Isaac became restless and wanted to continue to challenge his artistic abilities.

He said: “I built Lil Splinter because I didn’t know what to do with myself when I was done with the first car.