Stabbing Chest Pain: “Sometimes We Feel And Experienced”, Why?

Stabbing Chest Pain Sometimes We Feel And Experienced, Why?

We all likely experienced stabbing chest pain that barely lets us breathe. A stabbing chest pain occurs in the front of the heart. It is called Pre-cordial catch syndrome although it last’s just a few seconds. The discomfort is enough to immobilize you and in some cases, cause serious distress. It’s very common condition in children and young people.

We at cloud news feed would like to tell you the real reason why that awkward feeling occurs.

Stabbing chest pain: Precordial catch syndrome

The stabbing chest pain is a “feeling like a needle is stuck in that area” or “like a stab.” It occurs in a state of rest, but also after a moderate session of exercise or physical exertion.

What causes it?

The pleura (the membrane that covers some organs such as the diaphragm) presses or rubs (and therefore irritates) the nerves that are close to the rib cage. That’s why stabbing sharp pain can start in the chest walls or in the area of the ribs, even in a state of inactivity.

A distressing nuisance

Precordial capture syndrome is more common in children and adolescents. It’s very common that the first time the child experiences this inexplicable and acute pain in the heart area.

How to help it?


Trying to breathe deeply at that time is complicated, but it helps the pain go away faster. We should keep in mind that some people may feel dizzy from the effort and hyperventilate. Likewise, it’s advisable to change position.

Detecting the cause

Some have a physical origin, but others are only psychosomatic. It is necessary for the doctor to evaluate them to differentiate them.

It’s important to remember that if you have any questions, you should see a doctor because no health article can replace a complete diagnosis made by a professional.