Body Builder Has Muscle Injections. The Reason Is To Look Like The Hulk…

Body building is serious business. Guys lift iron day in and day out all for the gains to make them look bigger, never getting satisfied of how huge they’ve become. They take all kinds of high-protein supplements and even resort to anabolic steroids just to sustain their growth. But one man thinks these are not enough.

Romario Dos Santos Alves is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill body builder. Not much satisfied by what he has achieved with his body, he decides to inject his muscles with synthol—a mixture of alcohol and lidocaine—to look like the Hulk.

body builder

He was a clean body builder before being introduced to synthol. But during the time he couldn’t stop injecting himself with the dangerous chemical, his arms were almost amputated.

body builder

But after beating his addiction to synthol overcoming other obstacles in his life, this hulk is now committed to staying clean.

Source : EnzockMe

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