Father Plans To Sell His Kidney To Fund Treatment For His Morbidly Obese Children. What a Touching Story…

They say a guardian will do nearly anything for the kids they cherish. That is by all accounts particularly valid on account of Rameshbhai Nandwana from Gujarat. Being in a desperate family, the caring father of four is going the additional mile to raise cash for treatment for his excessively fat children.In a push to bring up cash for his youngsters’ treatment, Ramesh has chosen to offer his own particular kidney.With his kids’ quickly declining wellbeing, there is by all accounts no alternative, particularly as sitting tight for a really long time could prompt serious difficulties and even demise. These three youngsters are among the heaviest on the planet and eat enough in a day to put most developed men to disgrace.


Yogita (five), Harsh (year and a half) and Anisha (three) weigh 34kg, 15kg and 48 kg respectively.For 10 Horrifying Stories That Reveal The Darker Side Of Dubai, snap here.With a wage of pretty much Rs 3000 a month, Ramesh can scarcely bear to encourage his kids, not to mention get a legitimate finding for his youngsters’ condition, as they are constantly eager.

Source: InnaMag

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