This SpotMini Is Like A Real Dog. You Cannot Imagine How This Exists…

Ever since watching the Jetsons as a kid robotics has been somewhat of an interest for me; what can I say, Jean Vander Pyl’s robot Rose captured my imagination.

I’m not the only one with that fascination though and there’s many out there much more versed in the technology, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten *why* they started. Take the crew from Boston Dynamics for example: this group of dedicated guys and gals have been hard at work attempting to build the latest and greatest in robotic tech! Their efforts have pushed the limits of our understanding of the subject for years, and their latest invention is even more incredible.

Meet SpotMini, the latest variation of their Spot robot that has managed to cut size and weight without sacrificing anything else. Including the arm (or “head”) the machine only weighs in at around 65lbs and the battery will last for up to 90 minutes depending on the work. It also functions without any hydraulics, instead functioning entirely off of electric power, making it one of the quietest robots the company has ever built. It’s crazy to think that these will become more widespread in the future, but it’s still just as crazy to imagine what kind of robots will be created when that time comes.

Source : Damn

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