Spectacular Artworks From Dusty Car Windows – His Creative Ability Will Leave You Speechless…

Did you ever try writing or even drawing on dusty car windows when you were young? It was specifically more like writing insulting words or offensive drawings on other people’s cars. Kids just couldn’t resist the lure of an unwashed window,which makes for a good canvass with muck as the perfect medium. Good times, right? One man took this dirty form of vandalism to a different level when he added a touch of creativity and created fine works of art from the dust of car windows.

Dubbed as the Da Vinci of Dust, artist Scott Wade draws stunning portraits on the back windows of cars.

Spectacular Artworks

His extraordinary talent has given him a certain amount of fame and it’s not really surprising after looking at his marvelous drawings.

Spectacular Artworks

If only they could all be framed.

Source : ZockMe

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