Ten Kids That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist. Look How Incredible…

From kids which are human mermaids, to a baby that born with a turtle shell on his back, Top 10s countsdown the top 10 kids you wont believe actually exist. In April of 2004, this baby was born in Peru and caused a shock to her parents and hospital staff. She was born with an incredibly rare condition called sirenomelia. Despite this not being funny what-so-ever, 7 year old Connie Lloyd was born with a clown nose shaped birthmark. A big, red, circular birthmark had been on her nose since she was born. Doctors said that the rare condition could not be cured. However, after a few years of searching, the parents finally found a doctor able and willing to cure Connie. The now 2 year old girl from Ireland has a smooth area where her nose should be. She has no sense of smell or sinuses. Despite having no nose, she could still cough, sneeze and catch a cold. Tessa was later the first person to have cosmetic nasal surge, where a nose implant was fitted. This 8 year old boy was born with a large birthmark which covers half of his face. Since, he has aged, the birthmark has grown further around his face and has grown thick black hair. A top Chinese plastic surgery hospital has agreed to treat him for free due to the severity of his condition. This 4 year old boy was born with a right foot that weighs nearly 1 stone. Verdeant from India is still able to walk and run normally, despite his massive right foot. This 8 year old boy from Columbia was born with a turtle shell like growth on his back. His village bullies him as they believe dark forces caused the growth. He was also nicknamed turtle boy by the media, causing him to become incredibly depressed. A British surgeon diagnosed Didier with an incredibly rare condition calling it “the most extreme he had ever seen”. He is now in the UK getting free treatment for his life altering condition. This 8 year old Chinese boy was born with a fish-scale like skin disease. The disease is called Ichthyosis and he inherited it from his father. The disease is unfortunately incurable. The disease makes Pan’s skin very thick, dry, itchy and scaly. This 8 year old Indian boy’s giant deformed hands makes his life a daily struggle. He doesn’t attend school incase he scares the children or is bullied by them. He even struggles to eat because of the rare condition. His hands weight about 4 pounds, causing him to have a strong upper-body. He will be taken to a doctor in Deli to have life changing surgery on his hands soon. This 11 year old Romanian gymnast and child bodybuilder may be the world’s strongest kid. He works out for 2 hours a day since the age of 2. He rose to fame after his father posted a video of him performing a gymnastic stunt on YouTube. This Chinese toddler was born with the dead unborn foetus of her twin inside her. Kang had already had a difficult start to life, as her parents abandoned her in a field and she was forced to go into foster care. For some time, the toddler was practically pregnant with her dead twin sister.

Source : Top10s

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