They Don’t Care About Us – Dancing Inmates. Wow! I Can’t Take My Eyes Off…

Detainees from The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) in the Philippines are known for putting on stunning move exhibitions, a hefty portion of which are choreographed to music from Michael Jackson.A few prisoners at the CPDRC got to be popular when a video of them moving to “Thriller” became a web sensation a few years back. The video was posted as an instructive message for different jails to demonstrate that practice and move programs inside the jail supported with order and checked savagery among the prisoners.

This specific move execution was taped in 2010 and included some exceptionally uncommon visitors. Jackson’s long-term choreographer Travis Payne and artists Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid composed the occasion, which was performed to Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”.”That was the most moving background that I could have envisioned,” Payne said in a later meeting in regards to hitting the dance floor with the prisoners. “I didn’t realize that it would be so unique. I realized that we were going there to observe Michael, and I had the thought on the grounds that before he passed I would dependably indicate him … “

Source : InnaMag

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