Ways to Water Plants While You’re Away

Plants require permanent care from us, and there are actually some interesting ways to water plants even when we are not at home.

House plants are known to have some incredible effects on the microclimate of our homes. For example, they provide more oxygen, create a cleaner atmosphere, and stabilize the air humidity. Do you know of interesting ways to water your plants when you’re not at home?

We at CloudNewsFeed have found the easiest and best ways to keep watering your plants from a distance.

1. Using a saucer as a drainage setup

Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

This one could be an interesting way to water simple plants that don’t require special care. All you need is a drainage pot and a saucer.

  • Choose a saucer that is an appropriate size — it should be the same or a little bigger than the pot.
  • Fill it with water and put your plant on it. Make sure the plant is placed in a drainage pot so it can reach the water.

Duration: 2-3 days

2. Making a watering bottle

Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

This method can work great for plants that should be watered daily. You will need a bottle with an aluminum cap to do the following:

  • Take a nail and hammer it through the cap, making 5 mini holes. Do it carefully, starting from the middle of the cap.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Dig a hole in the soil of your plant and place the bottle into it with the cap down.

Duration: around 5 days

3. Another way to water plants: Prepare a bath for it.

This one is the most interesting way to water plants that require a lot of hydration and not very much sun since you will need to place your plant in the bathroom. So follow these steps:

  • Fill up your bathtub with as much water as you think your plants need.
  • Lay a towel out over the water in order to not scratch your tub.
  • Place plants in the tub, making sure the pot has the proper drainage.

Duration: 1 week

4. Making a string drip system

Ways to Water Your Plants While You’re Away

This solution is good for longer lengths of time. You can even use it to water several plants. All you need to do is:

  • Get cotton rope — make sure it’s cotton, because this is the most absorbent material to transfer water into the soil.
  • Place one end of the rope in the soil and the second one in a glass of water.
  • Water the plant and fill the jar with water too.

Duration: 1-3 weeks

5. Making a plastic bag greenhouse

This method is a very easy one and can be a really long-lasting solution. Carefully follow these steps to do everything properly:

  • Make the base for the greenhouse: put 4 wooden stakes in each corner of the pot.
  • Water your plant as usual, not more. Make sure you move it out of direct sunlight to avoid it heating up.
  • Wrap your plant in a plastic bag. The bag should be big enough so the leaves don’t touch the bag.
  • Duration: 6-8 months

Which solution would you use to take care of your plants while you’re away?