Why Attractive Individuals Are More Likely to Be Single

Being extremely attractive may appear to bring your life to a completely new level. These people seem to get deals, gifts, and even jobs delivered to them on a silver platter.When you look good, it’s easy to locate an ideal lover or girlfriend. Attractive individuals, believe it or not, suffer, despite their appearance.

Their attractiveness is stunning.


It’s far easier to strike up a conversation with a “girl next door” rather than a dazzling supermodel who appears to be way out of your league. In the end, guys are anxious to talk to attractive women, and girls go for average-looking men. Male Reddit members explain this by arguing that they avoid chatting to attractive women in order to prevent rejection and self-esteem damage. They don’t think it’s worth it to try because they believe someone better-looking will come around.

Attractive people perceived as possible cheaters.

handsome individuals

“They’re all players,” “They attract girls/guys like sugar to an ant,” or “I can’t stand being jealous all the time” are just a few of the thoughts that may arise while considering dating a beautiful individual. Some women may be concerned about their attractive boyfriend’s loyalty. Less attractive men, on the other hand, make women feel more loved by complementing their attractiveness with compassion.

They are thought to be potential cheaters.

appealing people

Most individuals find it difficult to imagine that an attractive person may be single. Guys and females don’t even consider contacting their ideal partner or girlfriend. The admirer would still struggle if they learn that the object of their desires is single since they are only afraid of their attractiveness. What a downward spiral!

They have trust concerns.

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Attractive females are concerned that their so-called lovers may exploit them in front of his buddies. Because of this, the personality of attractive people may go unnoticed when evaluating them based just on their appearance. “Every time I believe a man is ‘kind,’ he’s often horrible to everyone else and only wants to have a fling with me,” one female Reddit member remarked. Then individuals begin being rude to me because I don’t want it.”

They are thought to be snooty.

desirable persons

This is especially true if they possess both shyness and beauty. They were busy selling their items to passersby when one Reddit user described their experience: “I went out to help a buddy with an event, and he linked me to a lot of individuals working at the fair. My friend subsequently informed me that everyone thought I was arrogant since I sat alone.”

What are any more factors that contribute to attractive people remaining single? Would you date an attractive woman?