South Carolina Flooding – But No Problem On This Truck Driver In Reaching His Destination.

Considerable changes in weather patterns have been bringing torrential rains upon regions frequently visited by storms, causing massive floods that result in millions of dollars in property damage and impassable roads. But deep waters don’t seem to bother this ballsy truck driver who plowed through a heavily flooded street to reach his destination.

When a massive amount of rain hit South Carolina for days, a state of emergency was declared after large areas of the state were devastated by flash floods, leaving many roads totally submerged. While this kind of situation should discourage motorists from traveling, it didn’t stop a truck driver from wasting his time to get to where he was going.

south carolina flooding

Truck drivers are paid not by the hour, but by the distance they travel. And with the driver feeling safe knowing the 18-wheeler he was driving has a high air intake and ride height, no F’s were absolutely given.

south carolina flooding

Source : ZockMe

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