Motorcycle On A Roller Coaster – The Most Dangerous and Insane Ride Ever!

Julien Dupont, a trials cruiser rider, chose it is cool to take his bicycle and ride it on the Montaña Rusa exciting ride in Mexico City. The trick that left that thought is one of the coolest things we have ever seen, easily. Look as Dupont pulls a reverse somersault, wheelies, and flies here and there this rollercoaster like it ain’t no thing. Simply consider it along these lines: One wrong move and he could have been sent over the edge, tumbling to an awesome calamity. The way that that didn’t happen? That is some genuine ability right there.Sure, this is one of those tricks that you will probably never have the capacity to repeat time permitting, which is the reason watching this video is just so cool. Significant caps off to you, Dupont, for getting the chance to experience our trick dreams.


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