Boyfriend Tries to Comfort His Girl on G-Max Ride. But Notice What Happen To Him Is Extremely Hilarious…

The G-Max is a reverse bungee ride that pulls and catapults riders out to the sky, kind of like a slingshot. This is probably a good experience to go through when out on a date with your lady, with all the adrenalin-pumping excitement that will surely keep you closer. Or is it? A couple decides to take a ride on the G-Max, with the boyfriend, with all his machismo, tries to comfort her girl for the impending scare of her life.

After they are both securely fastened to their seats and being prepared to launch, ever-thoughtful boyfriend attempts to calm down his quite agitated lady. But soon after they are shot out to the sky, the boyfriend just completely loses it. His insides also seem to want to bungee out of his mouth.

It’s simply a hilarious turn of events.

Source : ZockMe

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