Pity Baby Runs To Her Mother With Bloody Cuts. When She Noticed What Happened, Can’t Hardly Believe It…

Kids love going to the playground. There’s swings, slides, and usually other children to play with.

Meanwhile parents are able to relax on a nearby bench and let their kids have fun as they keep an eye on them, ensuring they don’t get hurt. But even the most vigilant parent cannot be prepared for unexpected acts of violence.

Case in point with Amy Smith and her daughter who were spending an innocent Sunday afternoon at the local playground. They’ve been here before and little Demi-Mai is very familiar with the setup, the tunnel slide being her favorite piece of equipment to play on. But after this particular day, she likely will never enter a tunnel slide again on this, or on any other, playground.

bloody child

On this particular day playing on the tunnel slide, the mother realized Demi-Mai was spending a little longer than usual in the slide.

It was then that her daughter came dashing toward her after coming out of the slide. Tears were pouring down her face. The mother looked down at her leg and saw severe cuts all over it.

bloody child

It was an unbelievable sight. Amy tended to her child, then went to the slide and looked in trying to figure out what happened. Inside was broken glass strewn about, purposefully placed to inflict harm on any child that goes down it. They then raced to the hospital where the child’s wounds were attended to.

bloody child

The scenario gets even sicker. Apparently police discovered that nearby the slide area, an actual spot existed where the person who put the glass in there, had been observing from. So they basically were waiting for a child to go down the broken glass laden slide and then wanted to watch as the innocent child victim was mutilated by the shards of glass.

The mother is now on a mission to warn other parents about what happen and to make sure they examine playground equipment before having their children play on it. Something Amy wishes she had done, but like so many other parents, you would never think that such a sick act like this would take place.

bloody child


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